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751: Multifunction Data Acquisition USB Unit

751 Multi-function USB Data Acquisition with Windmill Software: 16 analogue inputs, 32 digital i/o, 8 counters

For 16 differential analogue inputs, 16 digital inputs/outputs and 8 counters. You can connect eight 751s to one PC. With the addition of suitable Microlink 59x conditioning units, you can also monitor thermocouples, strain gauges, pressure transducers and current. Includes Windmill data acquisition software for logging, charting, output control and direct data transfer to Excel.

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Microlink 840: Versatile Data Logging over Ethernet and Internet

Microlink 840: Versatile data logging

The culmination of 30-years of experience designing data acquisition and control systems has resulted in this extremely versatile, compact unit which lets you monitor analogue transducers, digital sensors, utility meters, machines and digital status. It can also raise alarms and control digital outputs.

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750: Low Cost Measurement & Control

750 USB Data Acquistion with Windmill Software: analogue input, digital i/o, counters, free technical support

16 analogue inputs, 16 digital inputs/outputs, 8 counters and Windmill logging and control software. Connect up to 8 units to a PC. Data saved in text files, or passed directly to Excel.

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pH Data Logging over Ethernet and Internet

851-pH: pH Data Logger with Digital I/O and Counting

This package logs data from 12 pH probes. It comprises Windmill software, a pH data logger and pH signal conditioning. The pH probes connect to BNC sockets. You can read data over an Ethernet network.

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Thermocouple Monitoring

Thermocouple measurement over USB, Windmill 7 software & free technical support

Monitor 16 thermocouples and voltages, digital I/O and counting. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 thermocouples.

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Strain Gauge Monitoring

Strain Measurement:  USB Data Acquisition Unit, Strain Gauge Connection Box, Windmill Software, free technical support

Monitor 16 strain gauges, balanced bridges like pressure transducers or voltage signals. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 strain gauges. Readings in microstrain. Zero reference level can be set in Windmill software. Plus digital input & output and counting.

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ML826: Utility Meter Logger

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  ML826: Utility Meter Logger

Microlink 826 Utility Meter Monitoring USB Unit

Microlink 826 Utility Meter Monitoring USB Unit

Price: 355.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


For those who already have the complete untility meter monitoring package and just need extra logging units to monitor additional meters.

See also the new Microlink 840 for utility meter monitoring over Ethernet and Internet for just 395.


  • Consumption logged periodically (eg every half hour) both locally by the battery-backed 826 and at the PC
  • Data files can be read by Excel, Energy Lens, and other software
  • Continuous monitoring, logging and display using Windmill software.
  • See consumption in real-time
  • Record total usage and usage over your chosen set intervals, for example each minute's or hour's demand
  • Each 826 Utility Meter Logger can monitor 8 meters
  • Up to 29 Utility Meter Loggers can be connected to 1 COM port, monitoring up to 232 meters
  • Many COM ports can be monitored at once
  • Maximum count of over 16 million
  • Option for communication over a modem, so you can retrieve readings remotely
  • All data is time-stamped
  • Log the counts from the volt-free contacts of your utility meters
  • Works with any meter emitting contact closure pulses
  • Conditioning can be added to monitor other signals such as logic and high voltage pulses
  • Free technical support for life

The 826 Utility Logger communicates with the computer either remotely by modem or using an RS485 lead. When using RS485 you need an RS232-to-RS485 converter, which lets you connect the Utility Logger to the computer.

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  ML826: Utility Meter Logger