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Data acquisition and control

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Thermocouple Monitoring

Thermocouple measurement over USB, Windmill 7 software & free technical support

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Monitor 16 thermocouples and voltages, digital I/O and counting. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 thermocouples.

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Test Sequence Control

Windmill Test Sequence: sequence control software

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Automate measurement and control tasks using a sequence of commands: for PID control, alarm monitoring, control signals, etc.

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Strain Gauge Monitoring

Strain Measurement:  USB Data Acquisition Unit, Strain Gauge Connection Box, Windmill Software, free technical support

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Monitor 16 strain gauges, balanced bridges like pressure transducers or voltage signals. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 strain gauges. Readings in microstrain. Zero reference level can be set in Windmill software. Plus digital input & output and counting.

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Windmill + COMIML Serial Driver

Windmill 7 Data Acquisition Software + COMIML Serial Driver

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Collect data from 10 instruments via TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, Modbus, RS422. Save data in text files or send directly to Excel. Includes Logger, Chart and Control applications, and software to troubleshoot COM port communications. For a multitude of devices including laboratory balances, GPS, digital indicators, PICs...

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Enhanced Windmill

Enhanced Windmill

Get ALL the Windmill data acquisition and control programs and drivers for just £295!

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752-RTD: Temperature Measurement

752-RTD Resistance Temperature Measurement over USB, Digital I/O, Counting, Analogue Output,  free technical support, money-back guarantee

The USB unit provides differential inputs to monitor up to 8 RTDs or Pt100 probes, and up to 16 voltage signals. You can connect 8 USB units to 1 PC. The units also provide digital input and output, counting, and voltage or current output.

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750: Low Cost Data Acquisition and Control

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  750: Low Cost Data Acquisition and Control

750 USB Data Acquistion with Windmill Software: analogue input, digital i/o, counters, free technical support

750 USB Data Acquistion with Windmill Software: analogue input, digital i/o, counters, free technical support

Price: 150.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Data acquisition and control via the PC's USB port complete with fully featured Windmill Software.

  • Measure voltage through 16 single-ended analogue input channels
  • Switch up to 16 digital outputs (relays etc)
  • Monitor up to 16 digital inputs
  • Count events with up to 8 counters
  • Includes the powerful yet easy-to-use Windmill Software for Windows: no programming required
  • Portable, laptop, desktop and networked data acquisition
  • Powered from the PC
  • Low power consumption
  • Connect up to 8 Windmill 750s to one PC, giving 128 analogue inputs and 128 digital inputs and outputs
  • Software includes data logging, charting, output control and data transfer to Excel etc in real-time
  • Comprehensive User Manual in pdf format
  • Free technical support for life
  • Money-back guarantee: if not completely satisfied return the 750 for a full refund.

Windmill 7 Logging, Charting and Control Software

Windmill Logger
Windmill Logger is capturing data from several channels.
Critical alarms are shown by a red background; warning alarms by blue.

Windmill data acquisition software is supplied free with the 750. This modular suite offers data logging, charting, alarm indication, output control and DDE links to other applications like Excel. You can also add process mimic generators, sequence control and many other modules. Should you wish to program the 750 yourself, you can use the IML Tools to do so.

Measure Analogue Voltages

The 16 single-ended voltage inputs let you measure voltages in the range ±10 V. The inputs are multiplexed by the software - passed in turn to the 750's amplifier. The resolution is 12-bits. This means that signals will be resolved down to 5 mV.

Switch and Read Digital Inputs and Outputs

The 750 provides 16 digital I/O lines, arranged in two groups of 8. Use Windmill software to choose whether each group is an input or an output. You can read or set the state of each line individually. Alternatively, you can switch several channels at the same time.

Count up to 65535

The Windmill 750 has eight 16-bit totalling counters. Each counter starts at zero and counts pulses to a maximum of 65535. You can reset a counter at any time from Windmill software. You can use the counters in one of two modes: accumulating count or resetting count. In accumulating count the counter keeps counting until you reset it. In resetting count the counter shows the number of pulses since the last reading.

Scale the counts to the engineering units of your choice in software. For example if the pulses came from a flow meter which produced one pulse for every 50 millilitres, a scale factor of 0.05 would give a reading in litres.

The counters are found on 8 of the digital input and output lines. You can use any of these you don't need for counting as normal digital inputs: the counts are always maintained even if you don't plan to use them.

Hardware Specifications

 Maximum length of cable   5 m
Maximum distance from PC can be increased by
use of USB hubs
Maximum speed 10 samples per second per channel
Maximum # inputs 16 single-ended
Resolution 12 bits
Maximum safe input voltage:
Power supply on ±48 V
Power supply off ±33 V
Transient ±300 V
Range ±10 V
Maximum # inputs 16
Maximum # outputs 16
(selected through Windmill in ports of 8 lines)
Power-up state all inputs
Compatibility TTL and 5 V CMOS, can be made
contact closure compatible
Range 0 to 5 V
Output capability 15 LSTLL loads
Maximum I/O speed 160 channels per second
Maximum # counters 8
Resolution 16 bits
Compatibility TTL, 5 V CMOS, can be made
contact closure compatible
Input voltage range 0 to 5 V
Maximum count speed 160 counts per second

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  750: Low Cost Data Acquisition and Control