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751: Multifunction Data Acquisition USB Unit

751 Multi-function USB Data Acquisition with Windmill Software: 16 analogue inputs, 32 digital i/o, 8 counters

For 16 differential analogue inputs, 16 digital inputs/outputs and 8 counters. You can connect eight 751s to one PC. With the addition of suitable Microlink 59x conditioning units, you can also monitor thermocouples, strain gauges, pressure transducers and current. Includes Windmill data acquisition software for logging, charting, output control and direct data transfer to Excel.

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Microlink 840: Versatile Data Logging over Ethernet and Internet

Microlink 840: Versatile data logging

The culmination of 30-years of experience designing data acquisition and control systems has resulted in this extremely versatile, compact unit which lets you monitor analogue transducers, digital sensors, utility meters, machines and digital status. It can also raise alarms and control digital outputs.

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750: Low Cost Measurement & Control

750 USB Data Acquistion with Windmill Software: analogue input, digital i/o, counters, free technical support

16 analogue inputs, 16 digital inputs/outputs, 8 counters and Windmill logging and control software. Connect up to 8 units to a PC. Data saved in text files, or passed directly to Excel.

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pH Data Logging over Ethernet and Internet

851-pH: pH Data Logger with Digital I/O and Counting

This package logs data from 12 pH probes. It comprises Windmill software, a pH data logger and pH signal conditioning. The pH probes connect to BNC sockets. You can read data over an Ethernet network.

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Thermocouple Monitoring

Thermocouple measurement over USB, Windmill 7 software & free technical support

Monitor 16 thermocouples and voltages, digital I/O and counting. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 thermocouples.

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Strain Gauge Monitoring

Strain Measurement:  USB Data Acquisition Unit, Strain Gauge Connection Box, Windmill Software, free technical support

Monitor 16 strain gauges, balanced bridges like pressure transducers or voltage signals. Connect 8 units to 1 PC and monitor 128 strain gauges. Readings in microstrain. Zero reference level can be set in Windmill software. Plus digital input & output and counting.

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Microlink 770: High Speed Data Acquisition

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  Microlink 770: High Speed Data Acquisition

770 Unit High Speed Data Acquisition: triggering options, free technical support

770 Unit High Speed Data Acquisition: triggering options, free technical support

Price: £955.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


For data acquisition at speeds up to 100 kHz, choose the Microlink 770 unit with Streamer software.


  • Includes the Streamer high speed data acquisistion software for Windows: no programming required.
  • Measures temperature, strain, pressure, voltage or current through 16 analogue input channels.
  • Quick to install and easy to use.
  • A 16-bit analogue-to-digital converter gives high resolution readings.
  • For more accurate timing than your computer's clock allows, you can connect an external crystal-controlled clock.
  • Save data both before and after an event (pre- and post-trigger data). Useful for seeing, for example, what happened immediately before a fault occurred.
  • Use the 770 to start other equipment simultaneously with data capture.
  • A digital input into the 770 lets other equipment trigger data capture.
  • Alternatively wait until 1 or 2 readings cross a threshold before automatically starting to collect data. For example, when the temperature goes above or below your set points. signals for example - without losing resolution.
  • Exclude channels from a scan if necessary. This lets you use the 770 with different set-ups without having to rewire.
  • Set both the interval between reading each channel (thermocouple, strain gauge, etc), and how often all channels are read. For example, you may choose to wait a millisecond between reading each channel, but after the last channel has been read pause for 10 seconds before starting again.
  • Independent input ranges let you mix different types of measurements - thermocouples and 4-20 mA process
  • Free technical support for life

Temperature, Strain, Pressure and Current

Depending on your transducers, you might need extra hardware units to make your connections. For example, for thermocouples you will need a Microlink 593 box which provides cold junction measurement. (When monitoring thermocouples it is essential that the system knows the temperature of one of the thermocouple junctions. Housing this junction in the Microlink 593 isothermal box keeps the temperature constant, and a cold junction sensor in the box tells the system the temperature. You connect the thermocouple wires to screw terminals in the 593 isothermal box, and connect the terminals to the Microlink 770 unit with a ribbon cable. The 593 also detects broken thermocouple leads for you.)

For strain you would use a Microlink 594, which enables the 770 USB unit to monitor strain gauge bridges and balanced bridges such as pressure transducers. With the 594 unit you can configure individual channels to accept any of these inputs:

  • voltage
  • quarter bridge: single strain gauge
  • half bridge: tensile + compressive strain gauge
  • half bridge: normal + transverse strain gauge
  • full bridge: 2 tensile + 2 compressive gauges
  • full bridge: 2 normal + 2 transverse gauges
  • full bridge: tensile normal + compressive normal + tensile transverse + compressive transverse gauge

For current measurement choose the 590-8A Current Connection Box.


Windmill Software, including the high speed Streamer mondule, is included in the Microlink 770 package.

Streamer saves data to disk and can capture pre- and post-trigger data. It has built-in linearisation for 8 types of thermocouple and Pt100 sensors, and can balance strain gauge bridges.

You can view several charts of data as Streamer collects it. By choosing different time scales you can see, for example, long- and short-term trends.

Streamer can save data in a variety of formats. These include ASCII for loading into software like Excel, and binary for compact file storage. Streamer runs under Windows 98 and later.

Powerful, Easy-to-Use, Fast

There are three steps to data acquisition and control.

  1. Plug the 770 into your computerís USB portóno need to switch off your PC or even restart Windows.
  2. Connect your sensors and signals to the Microlink.
  3. Load the Windmill software and youíre ready to start capturing data.

The combination of the elegant design of the Microlink 770, the ease of use of the universal serial bus and the exceptional Windmill software for Windows ensures a simple yet powerful system.

Ideal for Portable Applications

The compact Microlink 770 system is ideal for portable applications, such as collecting data from moving vehicles. Other applications include crash testing, product testing and dynamic strain measurement.

Hardware Specifications

 Dimensions (mm)           180 x 120 x 40
Maximum length of cable 5 m
Maximum distance from PC can be increased by
use of USB hubs
Number of inputs 16
Maximum safe input voltage:
Computer on ±35 V
Computer off ±20 V
Ranges (V) ±10, ±1, ±0.1
Common mode range ±10 V
A-D Resolution 16 bits
Throughput 100 kHz
Maximum linearity error ±0.02%
Input impedance 100 M Ohms
Crosstalk 75 dB
On resistance 400 Ohms
Switch off leakage <2 nA
Input bias current ±30 nA
Settling time to 0.01% 15 uSec
Initial accuracy of
gain and offset ±1 LSB
Input noise voltage 2 uV rms

Trigger and Clock Inputs and Outputs
Signal compatibility 5 V logic level
Run output 5 V when sampling
(external trigger)
Trigger input - Trigger on falling edge
Trigger input + Trigger on rising edge
External clock - Scan starts on falling edge
External clock + Scan starts on rising edge
+ Inputs Tied to 0 V by 10 K resistors
- Inputs Tied to 5 V by 10 K resistors

USB Data Acquisition Comparison

A comparison of Microlink USB data acquisition units is on the Microlink Measurement and Control Systems site.

DAQ Catalogue | Data Acquisition Hardware: USB |  Microlink 770: High Speed Data Acquisition